January 19, 2018

Tips On Golf Swing: Practice Your Mental Game On The Range

golf swing tipIn a recent article, David Reinheart discusses the importance of the mental side of golf-on the practice range as well as on the course- as being one of the most significant tips on golf swing.

He remarked in his tips on golf swing that once a golfer begins to shoot in the 70′s and 80′s, ninety percent of his or her best golf shots thereafter will depend on the mental part of the game.

Certainly, I agree  one must remain positive during a round of golf as one of the most significant golf swing tips.

However, whether a decent golf shot occurs depends more on the physical part of the game than on the mental part.

For example, how the hands are gripped on the club is a physical activity, not a mental one. How one stands to the ball and how the face of the club is positioned behind the ball are physical actions rather than mental ones. How one aligns himself or herself to the target is physical in nature, not mental.

The swing itself is a physical action rather than a mental activity, whether on the practice range or on the course and, whether the goal is to curve the ball or to hit the golf ball straight.

It is these physical actions that determine ball flight rather than merely having a positive attitude or being committed to a given shot.

Some of Mr Reinheart’s comments about the mental side of the game, especially on the practice range, appear below:

“Perfect golf practice is not only knowing how to practice correctly on the range, but also about knowing how to practice your mental game correctly too. You need to learn how to stay positive at all times. This is very important as this will greatly affect your overall game and help you shoot lower scores.

However, most golfers have the habit of letting their last shot determine how their next shot will go. This is a horrible habit and you will need to change this with the proper mental training.

For perfect golf practice you will need to stay in the present and focus on being able to put all of your energy into that one shot that you have in mind. You must be totally committed to that shot.

If you can avoid letting bad shots affect how your next shot will go, you will greatly increase your chances of eliminating those dreaded “snowmen” or balloon scores. It will definitely help you lower your handicap quicker so that you can become that consistent 70s golfer, or even 80s player if you now shoot in the 90s or over 100.

Once you discover what perfect golf practice really is, it will take your game to a whole new level. Just remember that it all stems from your mind.”

The complete article may be found at ezinearticles.com/?Perfect-Golf-Practice&id=6785146.

Certainly, the mental part of the golf game is important but nothing is more important than the physical steps that go into setting up correctly to the ball and executing a successful golf swing, whether you wish to fade, draw or hit straight golf shots.

You should perfect these physical activities and the mental side of the game will take care of itself.

Properly setting up to the ball and swinging the club correctly surely are the two most significant tips on golf swing of all.

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